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Game Disconnect Guidelines


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Game Disconnect Guidelines

Post  admin on Sat Mar 29, 2014 11:48 am

This has always been a hot topic for discussion and there will never be a perfect solution to this issue! However, I will just make it black and white so that everyone has the same results!

Breaking ANY of these guidelines/rules will result in following punishments:
1. Warning (at commissioner's judgement of infraction)
2. Player 4 game suspension
3. Player 8+ game suspension (at commissioner's judgement of infraction & owner history)
4. Removal from League (if deemed necessary)

Disconnect Guidelines
*In the event of a disconnect (doesn't matter who's at fault), the following guidelines are to be followed:
1. Recreate score and continue playing until game is over ** OR ** Recreate point differential and continue playing until game is over ** OR ** Recreate score or point differential (literally or figuratively) and finish the remaining time left in the original disconnect game (i.e. disconnect happened with 3:45 remaining, with this last option you play out 3:45 of re-start game) to determine who plays cpu

2. In the event that neither of these guidelines can be agreed upon, I will make the final decision on what is to be done.

3. BEFORE anyone Auto-Pilots themselves and the other person plays cpu, it is REQUIRED that I be notified BEFORE this happens!!

*In the case that you have the option to count game, only the following exceptions will be valid reason to count game.

Exceptions (no restart) will be:
*24+ pt lead and less than 3 minutes remain in 4th quarter
*42+ pt lead during 2nd, 3rd, or 4th quarter (get over it, you're getting your ass beat!)

Excessive amount of disconnects per 1 Season could result in removal from league
*If found to be purposely causing a disconnect you will be removed from league immediately!
*Failure to exit game properly at the end of game could result in punishment
- Get back to main menu before turning off PS4!!

Quitting Games
*If you quit a game then you might as well be quitting on the League and I will see to it that you do not play another game in MXL!!

Take a quick picture of the message on your TV screen and text it to me in the event that your opponent quits.
*I advise everyone that encounters a disconnect or quit message to take a picture of message for sole purpose of proof in the event that your opponent attempts to make false claims.

The following Guidelines are subject to change at any point that I see necessary

    Current date/time is Mon Dec 18, 2017 6:47 am