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Gameplay Guidelines/Rules


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Gameplay Guidelines/Rules

Post  admin on Sat Mar 29, 2014 11:58 am

Breaking ANY of these guidelines/rules will result in following punishments:
1. Warning (at commissioner's judgement of infraction)
2. Player 4 game suspension
3. Player 8+ game suspension (at commissioner's judgement of infraction & owner history)
4. Removal from League (if deemed necessary)

Play Calling *** REVISED for Madden 17 ***
Whether you are on Offense or Defense, we are trying to call ourselves a Sim league.

1. Play Selection on Offense
Use as many formations/plays/routes and players as possible, do not use the same play repeatedly whether you are on offense or defense just because it works! If you can't expand your game then this league is not for you!

a) Pass/Run play selection shall not exceed a 70/30 ratio whether if you're winning or losing
b) Passing plays will be limited to no more than 2 times per half, not to be used during any 1 drive and no-huddle is not an excuse
c) Run plays shall not exceed a 70/30 ratio of inside vs outside or vice versa
d) Run play formations shall not exceed a 60/40 ratio of Pro Style (< 2 WR) formation vs Spread (+3 WR) formation or vice versa
e) NOT allowed to use Coach Suggestions.....PICK YOUR OWN PLAYS!!

2. Play Selection on Defense
I understand teams run certain schemes, be it man defense or zone defense so there's only 1 rule of thumb for defense.

a) There are various types of scheme plays, be it Man or Zone, so all I ask is that you select as many varieties of whatever scheme you're going to play! Do NOT constantly pick 43 Odd Cover 3 Sky or Nickel Normal 2 Man Under!!
b) NOT allowed to use Coach Suggestions.....PICK YOUR OWN PLAYS!!

3. Offense vs Defense
We should not see an Offense come out in 4-5 WR Formation and Defense come out in 34 or 43 base defense formation!
*You should match personnel as much as possible! Whether it means playing nickel vs 3 WR's, Dime vs 4 WR's or 3-4 vs I-Form!

a) Exception is allowed IF your opponent is constantly using Spread formation to run in certain situations like 2nd/3rd down and < 5 to go or in the redzone

This is not a requirement to use every formation, play, and/or route in your books, all I'm stating is that anyone that comes out in same formation and uses the same play or routes constantly during 1 drive or throughout the game will be punished!

FB Dives *** NEW for Madden 17 ***
NOT allowed in redzone
NOT allowed in situations of 2nd, 3rd, or 4th down and 5 or less to go

QB Sneak *** NEW for Madden 17 ***
NOT allowed period until otherwise informed

4th down attempt
1. Allowed 1 attempt per game before end of 3rd quarter
*Must be at least at your 35 yard line (aka 65 yards from scoring a TD)
*Must be 4th and 5 or less to go situation

2. Allowed at any point during 4th quarter IF losing
*Must be at least at your 35 yard line (aka 65 yards from scoring a TD)
*Must be 4th and 10 or less to go situation
*Exception to field position and distance to go is if there is less than 4 minutes remaining or losing by 24+ at any point in 4th quarter

3. Allowed IF game is tied or you are up 6 or less during 4th quarter with less than 3 minutes remaining
*Must be between the 40 yard lines (aka 10 yards either side of 50 yard line)
*Must be 4th and 2 or less to go situation

4th down attempt from 1 yd line
1. Allowed at ANY point of game if it's a 4th and 1 or inches to go situation
*This is not part of the "1 attempt per game before end of 3rd quarter" or "during 4th quarter guidelines"

4th down attempt during Overtime
1. If game is still tied, allowed if situation is 4th and 5 or less and ball is between opponents 40-50 yard line (aka 40-50 yards from scoring TD)
*Exception - See "10+ mph wind in your face" rule below
2. If you're losing by 3, allowed no matter the situation or field of position

4th down attempt - 10+ mph wind in your face *** REVISED for Madden 17 ***
1. Allowed IF situation is 4th and 5 or less AND must be between your 30 to 40 yard line (aka 30-40 yards from scoring TD)
*This is not part of the "1 attempt per game before end of 3rd quarter" or "during 4th quarter guidelines"

Fake Punts/Field Goals
1. IF used before end of 3rd quarter, counts as your 1 allowed 4th down attempt
* Must be at least at your 35 yard line (aka 65 yards from scoring TD)
* Must be 4th and 5 or less to go situation

Onside Kicks
1. Allowed at any point during 4th quarter if losing by 17+ pts

2. Allowed if losing and if there's less than 3 minutes remaining

FG/Punt Block attempt
1. You are allowed to make these attempts. However, if you are found to be using any form of glitch you will be punished

1. Any form of Punt glitch that makes it impossible for PR to field punt or cause fumble is banned
1) be it aiming kick meter all the way down and to sideline or any other form of unrealistic punt

2. NOT allowed to manually move players pre-snap when on Punt Return
*Allowed to sprint player back to block AFTER the snap

3. Any form of Punt Catch Interference glitch is banned

No Huddle Offense
1. Allowed during 2nd and 4th quarter when under 2 minutes remain in quarter

2. During 4th quarter, allowed if losing by more than 9+ pts at any point
*If losing by less than 8 pts, only allowed when no more than 3 minutes remain

2 pt Conversion attempts
1. Allowed only if trying to
*Tie game
*Reduce deficit to 3, 7, 8, 11, or 16 pts during 2nd half only
*Increase lead to 3 or 7 pts
*Win game when less than 20 sec remain

Goaline Offense and Defense
1. Allowed when inside 10 yd lines

2. Allowed on 3rd or 4th down and 1 or less to go situation

Flipping Play on Offense
1. This should not be something that happens constantly on every play or every other down so do not abuse it as it could be a form of glitching A.I.

2. NOT allowed to use Flip Play "Audible Boosting" to rush Offense to line of scrimmage

Pre-Snap Player Movement (Offense)
1. Allowed to motion a player either to left or right

2. Motion player must clear the outermost position player at L.O.S. whether it's a TE or OL

3. Motion player must be set on all pass plays unless it's an automotion play

Pre-Snap Player Movement (Defense) *** REVISED for Madden 17 ***
1. NOT allowed to manually move players Pre-Snap unless it's the player you will be using after snap

2. Allowed to use the Default Shift buttons for the DL, LB's, and DB's
a) DB's do NOT belong between LBs and DL
b) LBs do NOT belong behind and/or next to S 10+ yards behind LoS
c) DL do NOT belong behind and/or next to LB 3-5 yards behind LoS

User Play (Offense) *** REVISED for Madden 17 ***
1. If found to be glitching the A.I. in any way, you may be removed from league
a) QB scrambling is allowed but as soon as you run outside of the #s, you are required to continue running or throw ball away. No longer will you be allowed to scramble out of pocket to sidelines and throw using playmaker option or when the defense AI breaks down

User Play (Defense)
1. If found to be glitching the A.I. in any way, you may be removed from league

Defensive Pass Rush
1. At all times there should be at least 3 pass rushers

2. You are NOT allowed to manually zone any DT/DE into zones
*NOT allowed to user any DT/DE unless you are user pass rushing the QB

3. Any play or blitz setup that results in instant pressure and/or sack could be deemed illegal per "User Play (Defense)" rule at commissioner's judgement 

4. NOT allowed to take ANY player and manually position him for a blitz and/or pressure play

Spy/Contain Rule
1. NOT allowed to manually set any player to spy or contain
*Exception - Allowed if warranted by QB scrambling/running from your opponent

XP Usage
1. NOT allowed to use any XP on Speed attribute unless player is less than 25 y/o

Pausing Game
1. Do NOT select Start Game right after someone pauses game; give your opponent time to look at your Depth Chart or possibly message you
*If you need additional time, you are REQUIRED to send your opponent a text or PSN message and ASK for some time to do whatever you need to do
*Additional time does not mean 10, 15, 30 minutes! If you need to change a diaper, go restroom, grab a drink, etc etc then fine but this doesn't mean ask for time to visit with friends, talk on phone, or leave the house. You are playing the Game because you said you'd be available!!
*Failure to return within the time asked will result in your opponent starting game without you being ready or you being removed for opponent to play cpu

Playing vs CPU
1. If you are allowed to play CPU, you are REQUIRED to play the entire game. SUPERSIM is NOT an option at any point of game!!
2. NOT allowed to quit vs CPU
3. NOT allowed to supersim vs CPU without prior approval

These rules/guidelines are subject to change at any time as I see fit

    Current date/time is Mon Dec 18, 2017 6:48 am