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Scheduling Game Guidelines


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Scheduling Game Guidelines

Post  admin on Sat Mar 29, 2014 11:56 am

Advance Schedule (Reg. Season)
1. MXL will be Advanced every 3 days at 11 PM ET

  • Games are REQUIRED to be started by 10:15 PM ET on 3rd day or I will Advance to next Week

Advance Schedule (Playoffs)
1. MXL will be Advance every 2 days at 11 PM ET

  • Early Advance if all games are completed before 2nd day

Scheduling Games
1. Threads will be created by me about 2-3 days ahead of time, meaning you have plenty of time to post your availability

  • Need to be specific in your post, "when can you play" is not acceptable

2. I will look at Scheduling Threads to determine whether to Auto-Pilot or not, text and psn messages are additional forms of communication but not something I have direct access to.

3. Failure to post your availability by 4 PM ET on 2nd day of Week will result in your opponent playing vs. cpu

  • If you contact your opponent via text that is fine, however, as stated in #2, I will look at Threads for communication. I advice posting in threads even if you've agreed on a time via text

4. Failure to have your game scheduled to be played within 24 hours of advance deadline or after the last game is completed could result in your game being simmed

5. As always, I will have a Phone Number thread that has most if not all of our owner's contact information for other form of communication

Missed and/or Sim Games
1. If at any point in 1 Season you accrued 3 missed and/or Sim games, you will be removed from MXL

  • MXL is NOT the League for you if you can't play your games, only exception will be if you miss games because of an emergency

Text/Email Messaging
We do NOT have the phone #'s posted for us to use for insults or smack talk! You will be punished or removed from league if found doing this! The #'s are there for extra communication to schedule your games NOT for you to annoy your opponent or other owners!

1. You're allowed to have a sub play your games, however, your opponent must agree to play your sub or they can choose to play cpu or sim game
2. If you're out on vacation and that's the reason you're not able to play that's fine, but don't get caught playing some other video game while on this vacation.

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